Candy Showroom

This site is a blog/store for car photography. Basically everything is handled by my close friend Michal, apart from the website of course.

The site was first built back in 2016. Originally it was just going to be a blog, but knowing that there will be a possibility of a store expansion, I decided to build it in wordpress having previously worked with Woocommerce sites at work.

Candy File Structure

File structure on the site is super basic. I began creating the site quite early on in my development career and like most projects, if I started from scratch again, I would change a LOT. There is no taskrunner on it (despite the gulpfile being in there!) no wordpress functions helpers, as well as other things that I’d have now. But it does what it needs to do.

The site at its heart, is a place to display Michal’s pretty amazing photography. We attend car shows all around the year and he runs off, snapping pictures and even taking videos. After the show, he uploads all his photos as well as some write up to our website. Like so:

After we had gathered a following we purchased some stickers using our design that people could stick on their cars to show support. These quickly sold so we started selling larger window banners (still stickers!) which again, quickly sold. After a while we had built up enough capital to invest in some clothing, this was in April of this year (2018). We decided on T shirts and bought out 2 colours, pastel blue and pastel green, we thought these compliment our brand very well. Luckily for us these went down very well, especially with friends and family, and we have been able to reinvest all of any profits back into bringing out new products. Now we have 4 clothing items available on our store, including new jumpers available in blank and pink.

candy storefront

Hopefully in the years to come our following can grow, site get better, and cars get lower.