William Chappell

Okay, I know It’s cheap to use myself as a client, but I need to pad out my website content somehow. Maybe when I have lots of portfolio pieces I will delete this, but until then, this is a good display of coding practices and knowledge.

Lets start with the backend.

The site is built in Expression Engine 4 (which recently went open source!) in the good ole trusty LAMP stack. My development machine as of recent is a Laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 installed meaning I can essentially mirror the live environment exactly on my local machine.


Nothing interesting here really. I don’t actually need a CMS to be honest I could update static files on my own, but this allows me to edit portfolio pieces, homepage images, etc without needing access to files and ssh. For example:

The frontend.

I have a pretty standard gulp setup that I use on most projects with things like sass, browsersync, and JS uglify. This site uses a stripped down version of that because I don’t have things like a dev branch with uncompiled files being served. Just plain old sass and JS compilation.

My Sass and JS files are normally a lot more modular than this, as sites tend to be bigger than this one. As well as that sites also tend to have the need to scale, but I can’t see my personal site ever getting bigger than it currently is. For that reason my files are setup like this, not perfect but pretty close in my opinion.

Again, very standard setup, nothing fancy to rant and rave about. One thing you might notice is that I’m using the Materialize framework. This is the first time I’ve used this frontend framework and I actually think its very good! The grid is a bit archaic (still using float) but other than it’s done everything I needed, and looked good whilst doing it!

Hopefully this post told you everything you need to know about my site. It’s a nice and clean site (in my opinion) that is also quite basic, and I think it covers everything a personal Website should.